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Re: [IP] Re(IP) Sudden BG drops

>  <<After I eat a meal
> my sugar is often about 200 two hours later. An hour later it is
> usually 140 or so. Then in the next half hour it will fall like a
> stone to somewhere between 60 and 80. If I take enough Humalog
> before the meal to make my sugar say 150 2 hours after a meal I drop
> down into the 40s or 50s during that last 30 minutes I mentioned. To
> say the least this is aggravating. Is it common among diabetics? Is
> it a common thing on MDI?>>
> David...this pattern is frequent with Type 2.
It is also common if your bolus is a little to big. Humalog has a 
very long but small tail. If you over bolus, the quick drop at the 
end is one of the results. Looks like you went in the right direction 
to move the bolus earlier, suspect your ratio is a little low.
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