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Hi everyone!  I definately agree here about testing in public -- I've forced 
myself not to care anymore because it isn't worth it for me to disrupt my 
life more than I already need to.  My friends are actually really good about 
it, which is of course why they are my friends :) but . . .I carry my meter 
in my little shoulder bag so the other day I was walking by the local 
Sweenor's chocolate store and my friend and I decided that we absolutely HAD 
to have some chocolate, so rather than waste time and inconvenience people 
to stop and test, I did it as we were walking down the street.  So here I am 
juggling the meter and holding the lancet thing in my mouth to stick it up 
to my finger as we're walking -- are you laughing yet?  It was quite a 
sight.  Oh well.  I had my chocolate :)  My friend was like "Gianna, what 
are you DOING??!"  Uh . . . "testing my blood sugar because I need some 
chocolate!"  heehee.  Everything was nice.  Oh yeah, except that I think I 
have food poisoning, not from the chocolate but from some college dining 
hall food I ate the other day . . . :(  Does food poisoning cause high bgs?  
Because I've been high today and yesterday.  Working on temp. basal 
increases.  Grrrr . . . .happy testing (in public)  --Gianna    P.S.  it 
also makes for interesting conversation during college visits when you eat 
lunch with people and whip out the meter.  :)

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