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Re: [IP] Silhouette complaint

At 07:18 AM 10/15/99 -0800, you wrote:
>And the ability of contaminants to pass through that hole >into the wound
is exactly what concerns me -- it's an open >wound, and therefore very
vulnerable to infection. Maybe >some infections have actually been caused
by that hole; I >don't really know.  
>Whereas the SofSet completely covers the cannula wound, and >seems to be
better protected.
> Natalie A. Sera

If there is a hole in the hard plastic disk that is an extension of the
hole in the cannula then it would indeed be open to the world and all the
germs thereof.  The hole is plugged however by the other half od the quick
disconnect.  This is why they give you a quick disconnect half with every
infusion set.  Then when you shower, swim or romp eithout the pump you will
be able to block that hole.  Just click it on.

Of course we are all protected to some degree by the fact that bacteria on
our skin are "our" bacteria and thus we already resist their invasion.  It
is my opinion that site infection is pretty rare unless (of course)
something really bizzar is happening.  My own personal experience with site
infection in 17 years of pumping is: Major (boil-like) infection --- one
Minor  (nickle sized red whelt) -- about 10 to 20
Slight ---  (small redness and puffiness at the infusion site) --- about
once a week.

My body doesn't especially like the insult of having plastic beneath the
skin.  It doesn't hurt but it gets red in a couple of days.  The the flesh
becomes puffy and weepy.  Often the site will leak soon after.

Bob Blakely
email @ redacted
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