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[IP] Re: ignorance of loved ones and diet advice needed

>Poke her in the eye, grab the M & M's and run like hell! 

I'll bet we would all like to do this once in a while to our in-laws :)

ok, seriously tho. We have actually had sort of the same problem,
although in our case it is my husband who is actually the diabetic, and
its his family that seems to have the problems understanding...
One thing you might try is the next time she makes a comment about what
you are eating, say something to the effect of "I'm really glad that you
guys care enough about me to be concerned about my heath and this
disease. However, because I have the pump and I'm in good control, my
doctor says its ok for me to occasionally have a treat."  Maybe offer to
teach her more about diabetes or loan her a book on pumping.  This has
worked to some extent with Shane's grandparents, they still make that
disapproving noise, but they don't take the food away now!  His mother
has come over to our side :)  You hopefully don't have to be rude or
mean because that will really upset them, but when it comes to YOUR
health, I don't think you should let them just push you around all the
On the other hand, the issue about your fiance's weight is maybe one to
stay out of. I've only been married a year so maybe others here have
more experience, but it seems to me that when the issue is directly
between him and his mother-its best to not get involved! He will have to
learn to stand up to her by himself, especially since he is 26. I notice
you said that he still lives at home. I have a male friend who wasn't
able to break free from his mom's control until he acutally moved out
and got a place of his own. I do not presume to tell you that's what
your fiance should do however, as I know there can be lots of reasons
what they just may not be possible.
Just some suggestions. If you like them, use them. If you hate them,
please feel free to ignore :)
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