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[IP] Raising kids

I often wonder when to back off on being the overprotective mom.  Dan is 17,
and I hover over him during his blood tests, listen for him to bolus at
meals, and just yesterday attended his diabetes checkup with him.  He's
doing great.  His carb counting is excellent and his diligence in testing is
amazing.  They reset his baselines so he can aim for bgs of 100.  I didn't
realize that they set his goal for 150 these first few months.

Tonight's the last football game (yay).  During football games and hard
practices he's been disconnecting his pump, and by the time he tests he's in
the 400's, no keytones.  Next year I'm going to insist that he check and
plug in at halftime, even if I have to go into the locker room!  He gets it
back down quick enough, and sometimes even gets low after awhile.  I'm sure
it's not good for him--he can feel it.  He's the only diabetic football
player with a pump in several counties, apparently, because no one knows for
sure how he can manage football without experimenting.

We heard a talk for parents & teens in Dan's confirmation class the other
night called "Maximum Relationships."  It was about appreciating yourself
and others.  The speaker said that we parents MUST be involved with our
kids, and we MUST interfere with their lives when we're concerned--and let
them know we're going to.  She asked how many of the kids liked what they
see in the mirror each morning.  No one expected anyone to raise their
hands, but MY kid did!  I figured he was clowning around, and he certainly
cracked everyone up.  When I mentioned it later, he very seriously told me
he likes what he sees, altho he "could use a little more definition."  Of
all the kids there, he's probably got the most to complain about, but he
doesn't see it that way.  He likes who he is!

I don't intend anyone to deflate that ego....he needs it, and it keeps him
healthy.  He can't wait to go off to college, and I know he'll do just fine.
It's me I'm worried about.
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