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[IP] Where to test and other stuff...

I've thought a lot about the controvery over where people with D should
test.  Some people will be offended no matter how discreet we are.  I was
reading something in the Reader's Digest and thought I would share it with
you all:
    A patient of mine was recovering from major heart surgery and went to a
classical-music concert.  During the performance the man in front of her
turned around and demanded, "Are you responsible for the infernal clicking
    It's my new artificial heart valve," she explained.
    "Well, could you at least try to make it keep time with the orchestra?"
he replied.

P.S.  I say everyone on this list with Diabetes should "Break" the life
expectancy barrier!!!  (This, or course, mean frequent testing...)  I
remember Kim testing in her 3rd grade class right after her dx.  Her teacher
called me and asked if she really had to do that...*sigh*

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