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Re: [IP] Re: Public Testing -- and in Unusual Spots

> I'd like to start a thread on the most UNUSUAL place you've tested. (Anyone
> on Mt. Everest, for eg?) For me: The wooden porch of a poor family in
> Penyem, Gambia, right after having been offered a slug of home-made plum
> wine. (It was very tasty -- but very sweet.) Gambians observed impassively,
> and nodded sympathetically when a translator told them I had "sugar.''

While where I have tested isn't as exotic as this, I do have a good story
that recently happened.

I was at an Ultimate frisbee tournament* about 2 months ago when I had my
infusion set fall out. A fellow team-mate and friend of my asked what
happened. I pull out my pump which is clipped to the back of my shorts,
under my shirt, in the small of my back, and show him the goods. After a
quick tutorial of the pump, my friend says, "You don't let this slow you
down, do you?" While he prolly should have known about my having diabetes,
I was proud that I shot-down a sterotype of the 'old diabetics'.

*For those of you who don't know what Ultimate Frisbee is:
www.upa.org, or you can check out our local league here in Boston
www.buda.org (I help run the Chelmsford League)


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