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Re: [IP] Re: life expectancy

You have to keep in mind what people went through long ago and compare it 
to today.  The insulin wasn't the most pure, no testing available and care 
in general wasn't really there.  I would expect the life expectancy for 
todays diabetics would be pretty much the same as a non-diabetic.
Side note:
My wife has come into contact with quite a few T1's who have passed the 50 
year mark and I even found one yesterday!  One of my vendors that I have 
kept in contact with for a few years now, just told me that she just passed 
the 55 year mark and is getting her sugars in line to go on a pump!  Talk 
about a small world.  If you run into anyone who has hit the 50 mark, tell 
them about the Joslin Diabetes Center so that they can get the ball rolling 
on recognition.  From what I understand, there are about 1,600 people out 
there who have already been recognized but they expect many more to be out 
there but just don't know about it.  It can be a good promotional tool for 
Diabetes in general.  My wife went on TV with one of her patients on his 
50th anniversary.

Jeff Fisher
email @ redacted
email @ redacted
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