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Re: [IP] help!!!

> ... like a serving of rice having four, yes
> you read that right, 4 g CHO!!!!

You need to get a few books on carb counting, that will help. From 
memory (it's fading), someone correct me if I'm off here, rice is a 
pretty standard 15 grams for a third of a cup -- white rice packed, 
but not firmly (tapped down). Almost all pasta is the same. A pound 
cooked will make 7 cups -- don't remember the exact carbs here, but 
look at a package in the store. Bread is half it's weight in carbs.

to measure this stuff in the dinning hall, if they use glasses, they 
will be standard measure -- either 8 oz or 12 oz. Use one for a 
measuring cup. With sauces, unless they're really out to lunch, add 
about 5 grams for the flour/cornstarched based ones. Most greenish 
veggies are free. On days when you are profiling, buy yourself a TV 
dinner or frozen entree. The carbs are pretty close and you can count 
on it being relatively accurate. Read the HOWTO on the web site about 
profiling. It can be done in little pieces by only skipping one meal 
every now and then.

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