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[IP] quick drop bgs (long winded)

One strange phenomenon we have noticed is that sometimes Kevin FEELS low even 
though when we test he is not. For instance, he played Soccer again 
lastnight. We did the usual temp basal change and at 10pm his sister yells 
down the steps that Kevin feels low! We go check him and he is 120. An 
untrained eye would have poo-poo'd him and said "you're fine, you're normal" 
and that would have been that...but he is very good at detecting these 
strange drops. Sure enough 15 min later he was 90, we turned off pump and 15 
later he was around 80! 40 drop in 1/2 hour...with pump off. We were until 
2am getting him high enough to relax. We could have given him juice, but we 
figured 80...he'd be up to a more comfortable range in about 1 hour and we 
wouldn't have to force feed a sleepy child. BAD ENOUGH that we have to prick 
so much. If we had just let it go, I feel he would have been in the 50's for 

My point for blabbering, is that these little nuances is what keeps my 
husband and I from straying to far from home. It is too much to explain to a 
lay-person. We had planned on doing a business trip together (we do every 
Dec) to California  this year and had the tickets and all...but I cannot 
bring myself to leaving them with grandparents for the 4 days. When we bought 
tickets in Aug. we thought we'd have it all figured out by December. Am I 
being overprotective?   When I start adding up all the little decisions we 
make daily it becomes overwhelming. 

Things like take off a unit cuz he's on the low side going into a meal, the 
phone calls from school when he is out of range, exercise changing the whole 
scenario...some foods we dont count all the carbs or he will go low, or the 
last site change seems to be super absorbent so he goes low (we lower basals) 
and the list goes on and on. 

I know we have to cut the apron strings at some time, but HOW when we are up 
most nights checking and most days making some crucial decision? For the most 
part his bg's are GREAT but I feel it is due largely to our constant 
vigilance and go with the flow attitude. How can you teach someone that for a 
weekend getaway or business trip? I guess it is the nature of the this 
beastly disease aye?

Sorry so long, any advice is wonderful.

Mom of Kevin
Happy Pumper
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