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Re: [IP] nighttime low

> I had something strange happen to my daughter last night.  She did
> her blood sugar just before she went to bed and it was 107.  And
> then 20 minutes later she woke up ( which is suprising because she
> never wakes up when she is low - so I faithfully get up every night
> at 2am and check her also)  and she said that she felt low and sure
> enough she was just 28.  I can't understand how she could drop that
> fast.  I would have went to bed and not worred at all about her till
> 2am with a # above 100.  So that really scares me now.  How do I
> know when she has a good # at bedtime that she isn't going to drop
> quickly? 
>  She did have a basketball game that afternoon and played the entire
>  game so 
> was pretty exhausted afterwards.  
This is a pattern I've seen with Lily, but usually the sharp drop 
only occurs after the exertion + a late meal. If that is the case, a 
snack after the game, lower basal for 12-24hrs (down 0.1u/hr) and a 
check about 4 hours after eating does the trick for Lily.

Let me guess, that Kara ate dinner maybe 3 hours prior to going to 

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