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Re: [IP] Girl Talk


        I am 21( I hope this is close enough for you)  and I go through the 
same thing but about a week before.  I usually try to go for healthy stuff 
instead of junk food.  This is hard sometimes being in college and all.  I 
have a bad need for Twinkies, so I have started getting the low fat ones.  
These things are so sweet one will curb my sweet needs for the rest of the 
day and sometimes 2 days.  I usually try to make that my only unhealthy treat 
for the day, if I can help it.(At least my only sweet treat for the day).  
After I start, this need for everything bad( sweet and full of fat) usually 
goes away and I get back on track.  I have told my doctor of this and he said 
as long as I keep it under control and do not pig out, that he is not 
concerned.  I hope this can help you.  If you have anymore questions feel 
free to email me anytime.

              Cheri :)
P.S.> this has never affected my wieght either, that is another reason my doc 
is not worried about me having this problem.
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