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[IP] complexity in a nutshell

You guys are so quick on the draw, and eloquent with words I wondered what 
you would do with this:  My 10 yo's girl scout leader wants to take her on a 
weekend trip (as in away, far, without me - because I can't go).  Of course I 
said she couldn't go.  She then said I should let her go, that she (leader 
lady) could surely handle it all (ya, right, and all those kids, and carb 
counting, and emergency set change, shots, highs, lows, corrections, middle 
of the night testing, etc.).  The message I was left with was that I was 
making too big a deal of what needs to be done, that I was denying my 
daughter the trip unnecessarily.  How to make people understand this is hard, 
complicated, serious, life-threatening, stuff we deal with and not something 
I'm hesitant to turn over because I'm overprotective ( which I am, a little, 
I hope).  I guess I'm just feeling bad about this.  Thank God my daughter is 
fine about not going.  If it had been a huge deal to her I would have made an 
effort to go too.  There are people on both ends of the spectrum, those who 
think it is unbelievably horrible, and those who think we make too big a 
deal.  Any wonderful quotes?  Holly
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