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[IP] Re; flu shot

hi all
 the problem i find is that they won't do flushots at
like grocery stores for anyone under 18, EVEN if
parents are present. I'm notsureaboutmy local doctor,
last year they wouldn't do any until after Oct 20, so
Iguss I should call..but everyone seems to be getting
them earlyt this year..not very comforting, talking
with school nurse she's already sent home several kids
with fevers of 103..I know the shot takes 1-2 weeks to
activate, so Maybe i"ll get itnext week, but planning
on getting it somewhere...(don't udnerstand the age
thing if parents are there) but before my endo appt
b/c that s nottill teh mid of november...also, I want
to be over whatever my body is doing now and causing
my awful bg, but it's been several weeks any way so
the shot wouldn't make much of a difference, since i
am high. Know of any places tehy do do shots
publically for younger people?
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