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Re: [IP] Silhouette complaint

George Lovelace wrote:

> No, there's currently only one type of Sils/Tenders/Comforts.  They
> are all composed of the adhesive backed plastic membrane with
> the hard plastic connector on one side.  The infusion tube goes
> from that connector through a hole in the plastic membrane to the
> underside of it.  What Natalies posts were concerned about
> (correct me if I'm wrong Natalie) was that the opening in the
> membrane for the tube to pass through would also allow
> 'contaminants' to pass from one side of the membrane directly onto
> the skin where the infusion tube enters.  Perhaps Maersk would be
> advised to add an additional tape to cover that hole, instead of the
> connector covers which are hardly ever used.  ;>)

Thanks, George, you're exactly RIGHT!!!!  :)  You did a much better job
of explaining it than I did! :)

And the ability of contaminants to pass through that hole into the wound
is exactly what concerns me -- it's an open wound, and therefore very
vulnerable to infection. Maybe some infections have actually been caused
by that hole; I don't really know.  

Whereas the SofSet completely covers the cannula wound, and seems to be
better protected.

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