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[IP] Parades

Well Jessica has survived her first parade in cheerleading class.  I fed her
enough to get he blood sugar up to 384 (no bashing please) and she started
the parade.  It was over in 30 minutes, and by that time she had dropped 165
points, down to 219.  After another 30 minutes she had dropped another 100
points, down to a comfortable 119, and stayed around that number for the
rest of the day.  Now you see why I had to get her up to 384 in the
beginning.  The parade was during the morning, during the hour when her
basal rates are set to 0, so I couldn't lower them, and between walking, and
all the excitement, I knew she would drop like a rock.  The teacher was
watching out for her, ready to put her in the back of the truck at a moments
notice and give her some of the candy they were throwing out, and I casually
followed (ran along the sidewalk, really) behind the whole thing.  I was
exhausted at the end, and she did great.  I was so proud of her.  All week
she was on the verge of not doing it because she was SO afraid of going low.

Do others have this problem with walking for extended periods of time with
no stops?  If we go to places that require alot of walking, she will go low
no matter what.  We went to our Renaissance Festival 2 weekends ago, and she
enjoyed eating lunch and dinner without having to bolus anything, and stayed
around 80 all day.

Just wondering....
Mom of Jessica, age 7, diagnosed @ 9 months, pumping 1 year 

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