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Re: [IP] Silhouette complaint

On 14 Oct 99, at 14:08, Isabelle Emery wrote:

> I'm also mystified.  I can't see a hole on the silhouette.  Where is it. 
> I just changed a set and looked at the old one very carefully.  As far as
> I can see it works eactly the same way as the soft set except that the
> soft set goes in at 90 degrees and the sils goes in at a more comfortable
> angle.
>  Are there two types of sils?  

No, there's currently only one type of Sils/Tenders/Comforts.  They 
are all composed of the adhesive backed plastic membrane with 
the hard plastic connector on one side.  The infusion tube goes 
from that connector through a hole in the plastic membrane to the 
underside of it.  What Natalies posts were concerned about 
(correct me if I'm wrong Natalie) was that the opening in the 
membrane for the tube to pass through would also allow 
'contaminants' to pass from one side of the membrane directly onto 
the skin where the infusion tube enters.  Perhaps Maersk would be 
advised to add an additional tape to cover that hole, instead of the 
connector covers which are hardly ever used.  ;>)


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