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Re: [IP] Re: [IPn] List Etiquette

At 08:52 PM 10/14/1999  Greg Felton wrote:
>     Gee, I got a personal email message from the pump list's Emily Post,
>reprimanding me for some unspecified message I left that did not conform to
>etiquette. I presume she refers to a message I posted asking why a person
>would want a remote control for a device attached to your body all day long.
>If you have a MiniMed 508, that is great. I was only chiding MiniMed for not
>addressing other things in their latest model, not attacking or "flaming"
>any user of their product. And the remote option sounds like a good idea for
>some people, some times.

This was not sent to you personally. All mail addressed to 
"email @ redacted <email @ redacted>" goes out to everybody. So, 
don't feel singled out... everyone got this one.


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