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Re: [IP] 20/20 show

On 14 Oct 99, at 20:16, Joanne Spotten wrote:

> I commented to others on my 35th birthday last year that I was probably
> half way through my life.  Someone said they thought the average age
> expectancy for women was 80 and I responded that average life expectancy
> after diagnosis for type I was 45 years so that would put my life
> expectancy at 69 (diagnosed at 24).
> At least some of the knowledge about the immune system from AIDS
> research may help with the cure we need.

	Lets look at this a different way,  the knowledge gained from 
finding our "Cure" would help in AIDs research!

	Sorry, Joanne, I only have 10 years left by your figures.  I want 
to enjoy them with a coming grandchild and I want to die knowing 
that child will not face the "same thing" in his/her life.


	"We've been waiting longer!  Let's Wait No More!"
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