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[IP] Girl Talk

Hi I hope I posted this right,

 I was wondering if there are any woman out there well lets see I am 27 but I 
guess this would apply to all ... every month before my "womanhood" is due, 
about 2 weeks before I find myself sooooo hungry like beyond control .... and 
I just wonder how others have this problem or have Ideas how to deal with it 
?... also I have been diabetic  for 18 yrs I find myself very unmotivated 
lately .. I know this is not normal .. and I have had all the lectures about 
how "you should care" and of course I do just lacking motivation and do not 
know how to get it back ... I am looking for people who have been though this 
.. no offense to people trying to help .. but looking for diabetic woman my 
age that might feel the same ..

 Just lately I feel like I only find "mom" figures to tell me what I should 
do ... I know what I should do .. just looking for support  thanks :-) Julie 
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