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[IP] Re: [IPn] List Etiquette

    Gee, I got a personal email message from the pump list's Emily Post,
reprimanding me for some unspecified message I left that did not conform to
etiquette. I presume she refers to a message I posted asking why a person
would want a remote control for a device attached to your body all day long.
If you have a MiniMed 508, that is great. I was only chiding MiniMed for not
addressing other things in their latest model, not attacking or "flaming"
any user of their product. And the remote option sounds like a good idea for
some people, some times.
    Or maybe I violated post etiquette by jokingly stating that I am upset
when new diabetics are diagnosed and go immediately on the pump. I ranted
that they should have to use Clinitest tablets and take a daily shot of
long-acting pork insulin from a glass syringe for a few years. Apparently,
sarcasm is lost on the well-mannered folks at the pump list. But if anyone
out there was offended, I am sorry. I was not serious.
    Now that I know there are pumplist police out there, I wonder if the
authors of some of my favorite posts have been censured. Here's a list of my
Top 5 questionable posts:
1) The poster who called Americans on the pump list "murderers" when the US
began bombing Iraq, claiming that Baghdad's diabetics were suffering;
2) The woman who diagrammed pictures of where and how she placed her pump;
3) The poster who asked if semen should be factored into carb-counting;
4) The posts from people asking where a pump should be placed while walking
around the house naked; and
5) A complete name-calling, hair-pulling catfight by two women over
something to do with someone's child...I don't know what...I never read the
first post and it didn't matter.

But they were all interesting reading! From now on, I will leave only the
appropriate posts. Keep an eye open for them!
-----Original Message-----
From: Mary Jean Renstrom <email @ redacted>
To: email @ redacted <email @ redacted>
Date: Thursday, October 14, 1999 5:36 PM
Subject: [IPn] List Etiquette

>Dear IP members:
>We (the admins) would like to remind all of the members that IP does have a
>policy regarding proper ettiquette for posting to the list.
>Please review this document:
>In particular, this part:
>12. Flaming will not be tolerated. "Flaming" is what people do when they
>make an emotionally opinionated comment using language intended to be
>confrontational. For this list, flaming is defined as personal attacks
>and/or criticism of another list member that have the effect of holding
>another person up to harsh ridicule, demeaning them as a person, or
>otherwise inflicting hostility or anger on them. What one person may
>understand to be friendly kidding, another may perceive as hostile flaming.
>To help control the flaming impulse, remember:
>Everyone has an opinion, a life, and a value; don't try to demean that.
>Be kind and think twice before responding; sometimes the most appropriate
>response is a nicely worded private e-mail instead of posting to the list.
>Flaming helps no one, not even yourself; remember you may be losing the
>respect of hundreds of people you have never even seen before.
>Repeated flaming offenses will result in your list membership being
>Mary Jean Renstrom
>on behalf of the other nine admins
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