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Re: [IP] 20/20 show

Brian Carter wrote:
> I have to admit  for how large the Diabetic community is  Most diabetics
> are VERY "low toned" on the subject.  They don't want to speak up or make a
> wave.  

I think this is because most with dm are going to school, working,
raising kids, in general doing the same stuff as the rest of society
does.  That doesn't leave a lot of time for activism.

> Diabetes is not controllable  no matter how well our BG
> stay we can still be killed off piece by piece.  

I commented to others on my 35th birthday last year that I was probably
half way through my life.  Someone said they thought the average age
expectancy for women was 80 and I responded that average life expectancy
after diagnosis for type I was 45 years so that would put my life
expectancy at 69 (diagnosed at 24).

At least some of the knowledge about the immune system from AIDS
research may help with the cure we need.


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