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[IP] Sloppy Control

email @ redacted wrote:
> I know she could be
> doing much better, but I also know she could be doing much worse. Since we're
> in search of a new endo anyway, I'm hedging my bets that she'll want to 
> "makea good first impression" and will tighten up on her somewhat sloppy 
> control before then!

Mmmm, I wonder how many of us DON'T exercise sloppy control during
certain periods of our lives. 

I'm constantly fighting the "sloppy control" demon -- part of my really
wants good control, and part of me is tired of the hassle. 

So sometimes I DO get sloppy -- and do things I know I shouldn't, and
suffer the consequences. 

There has to be a happy medium somewhere -- at the moment, I'm doing
pretty well -- for ME, the pump REALLY helps combat those feelings, but
I sure do understand them, having been there MANY times before!

Guess we all gotta just hang in there!

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