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[IP] help!!!

hi all - 

i am soooo confused.  for the past month, month and a half, i've been
running super high sugars, seems like all the time. it's worse than an
insulin black hole!! right now i'm going through with my CDE and trying to
test my basals (which i've found out have been too low overnight), but
there are so few nights when i'm at an ok level after dinner that i end up
having to correct so then the basal test becomes defunct. like tonight, i
had a pretty healthy dinner, counted carbs as best i could (i'm at college
and eating in the dining halls, so it makes it REALLY hard to count carbs
... especially when the nutrition info they print out is often completely
inaccurate ... like a serving of rice having four, yes you read that right,
4 g CHO!!!! now how big a serving is that? maybe four grains????) but then
3 hours later i was 300. but anyway, up until i came back to school, my
sugars were running fine, i had a 5.6 glyco at the end of the summer
(personal best!) but now, ugh. feel like i haven't been below 200 for more
than a couple hours in two or three weeks. (i'm so full of energy lately
too, just imagine!) so i figured, okay, maybe i need to up carb ratios too,
but here at school i find it difficult to count carbs that accurately (and
plus i'm sorta lazy at it anyway ... i kinda do the eyeballing the
casserole, oh that's two point five units sorta thing ... which seemed to
work before!). but i feel like it's so strange that all of a sudden i need
so much more insulin ... my basals have gone up from a total of 12.3 units
a day to 15, etc; it seems that no matter what i do i can't get my sugar
down. what bothers me is that i can't find a rationale for it. some of the
highs i can figure out, but some, i just don't know. 

i'm not writing this so much for advice about basals and stuff, because i
am working that stuff out with my CDE who is awesome and on a pump herself
(slowly, b/c my schedule is sort of crazy right now, but we are working on
it) ... but more just writing it so i could vent to some people who know
what i'm talking about!!! i do get a LOT of good hints from this list
although i don't post too much. i guess i did have a major change in my
diet as i was in japan for the summer and the food there is Super healthy
(and oh so much more delicious than the dining hall!), and i exercised
there a whole lot, but i still do a lot of walking here. i've been on
humalog a long time and it always worked fine before; would that change? i
feel like i just keep pumping and pumping and pumping and taking shots too
and the insulin is just not working.

Thank you thank you thank you for listening!!!!!!

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