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Re: Subject: [IP] flying and pump removal

Michael responded about disconnecting while flying:

 >The question is not so much ordinary changes in cabin pressure which
>go from sea level (or whatever at starting) to around 8000 ft. If you
>had a big bubble, this could be annoying since you might get a half
>unit or more of unwanted insulin and then miss that amount later when
>the plane came down. The problem would be a real bummer if you
>happend to encounter an explosive decompression brought about by
>structural failure such as loss of a cargo door, window, or failure
>of the pressurization system. Granted, this is rare, but does happen


I've never been a real big fan of being "way up in the sky". If the plane I 
were on suffered "explosive decompression", I wouldn't need to worry about 
an extra large bolus being dosed all of a sudden, without my permission. My 
biggest problem would be "explosive gastro distress" <vbg>

Bob Burnett

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