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Re: [IP] night time numbers


Actually this insulin doesn't disappear into the "Insulin Black Hole". It 
all gets cyber transported to my house in lovely upstate New York, where it 
sits in my body for a couple days. I have fun with it - I chase it around, 
while it causes unexplained lows. I try to assimilate it into my daily 
routine, using portions of it for snacking, playing around, but no luck. I 
can't tame it, it's fickle, disappearing just when I thought I had it 
figured out. I used to worry, but no longer. The "Black Hole Insulin" will 
return some day, usually when I least expect it <vbg>

Bob Burnett
mailto:email @ redacted

>Ahh.... you've found out about the "Insulin Black Hole". Yes... very
>mysterious. It attracts all the insulin in the universe and sucks it
>in, never to be seen again ..... until the next big bang (isn't that
>how the theory goes?).   :-))

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