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[IP] nighttime low

I had something strange happen to my daughter last night.  She did her blood 
sugar just before she went to bed and it was 107.  And then 20 minutes later 
she woke up ( which is suprising because she never wakes up when she is low - 
so I faithfully get up every night at 2am and check her also)  and she said 
that she felt low and sure enough she was just 28.  I can't understand how 
she could drop that fast.  I would have went to bed and not worred at all 
about her till 2am with a # above 100.  So that really scares me now.  How do 
I know when she has a good # at bedtime that she isn't going to drop quickly? 
 She did have a basketball game that afternoon and played the entire game so 
was pretty exhausted afterwards.  

Anne (mom to 13 year old pumper)
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