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[IP] Re: I'm bummed

Chuck, coupla points on your setup.
Max bolus is factory set to 10u.  You can increase this through the Setup I/Max Bolus screens.
42" tubing:  I asked my trainer why so long, and he summed it up nicely:  When you need to sit down on the toilet, you can keep the pump on your belt and let it go all the way to the floor without having to hold it in your hand.  I liked that.  Concise, visual, and made alot of sense.  So I'm sticking with the 42 inchers.
Extra tubing:  I stick it down my pants leg and am not even aware of it.  When the weather warms up and I'm back in shorts, will have to figure something else out, I reckon.
My initial basal was figured by reducing my total insulin on MDI by 25%.  Half of that was used for basal.  So it's like (Total Insulin per day) * .75 * .5/24.  Seems to be working well for me.