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Re: [IP] (76) getting bashed

At 03:27 PM 10/14/1999  Dottie & Tommy Crocker wrote:
>Maybe we should all test our BG's before we post.  Just test and enter the
>results as the first entry in the subject line and send your message.  Any
>messages with a BG below 60 wouldn't be posted.  When it's not posted, we
>should know to treat for a low, recheck our message to be sure that's what
>we intended to say and repost.  Maybe that would reduce the bashing.  We
>would still have to enter our new BG reading.  :-)

In order to keep these discussions free, we need to respect the opinions of 
everyone on the list. That means that we never put down anyone for their 
honest opinion. With a lot of these topics there is actually no right 
answer... just differences of lifestyle and outlook. And, in this 
situation, each person's opinion is equally valid.

If a person has made a misstatement of fact (based on medical research or 
other well documented evidence), all that is needed is to present the 
corrected facts and the sources without any personal commentary on the 
original poster's remarks. Also, make sure that your opinions are presented 
as opinions, not as fact.

Maintaining the free interchange of ideas requires a very delicate balance. 
"Bashing" just stifles discussion and prevents us from hearing interesting 
and valuable ideas. From now on let's be very careful to just state our 
opinions without offering value judgements on what other's have said.

Remember, our motto here is YMMV (Your Mileage May Vary). This means that 
everyone is different and what works for me may not work for you.

(A member of your friendly IP admin team)

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