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Re: [IP] flying and pump removal

At 11:04 AM 10/14/1999  Michael wrote:
> > >michael...does she do injections for a long flight?
> > >
>She just hooks up and boluses. Just like at the beach. The same for
>her basal, she just puts it in every hour or whatever.... There are
>many list members that fly and have never had a problem. I'm not
>implying that your gonna drop dead if there is an in-flight
>decompression, you'd just have to get out the glucose and correct for
>the extra insulin... it wouldn't be a lot anyway, maybe a few units
>at the very most if that. This is another one of those "little
>things" not a big deal.

The nice thing about flying with the pump attached is that you can relax 
about in-flight meals. If all they do is throw a bag of peanuts at you, I 
can bolus accordingly. If I get more (a lucky day), then I can compensate. 
Its the flexibility that makes it all worthwhile.


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