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[IP] Coffee, Tea, Pump on head...

On Thu, 14 Oct 1999 email @ redacted wrote:

>Hi steve I was wondering that to ,, most mornings I have a coffe with 1 sweet
>and low and cream .. and my sugar tends to go high though I am not sure why ?
>would like input on this too Julie

I'm guessing the cream could do it.  I find that after my morning coffee my 
sugar can go up.  I don't really know enough about caffeine and blood sugar 
but I don't buy that it can only make go down...

On Thu, 14 Oct 1999 15 Jeff Fisher <email @ redacted> wrote
>My first advise for all new married pumpers is not to use
>your pump as a head thumping device on your spouse to stop them from
>snoring.  My response to such an action preformed on my self via my wife,
>is not worrying about my head but the fact that a super expensive,
>breakable little box just landed upon a hard object (my head).

THATS why I take it to bed at night.  I have to tell my wife not to get 
tangled in my tubing so that she has a good two plus feet of stretch to get 
the speed up.  Seriously I thought the idea of sleeping with pump was to test 
our reaction to beeping when our sugar was over 500 or under 30!

On Thu, 14 Oct 1999 Fran Baumgartner <email @ redacted> wrote
>Yes it is true and I have heard it from a few endo's and internist.   
>believe me in 36 plus years of this disease I've had more than my share of 
>and still managed to get a degree and job etc.., so I don't know how huge the
>impact is.
I've had diabetes almost 38 years and been through enough really good 
reactions to know most of local emergency squad of every town I have ever 
lived in.  I've certainly lost some thinking ability over the years but I 
think this is due to having kids no diabetes.

Yerachmiel Altman
I know I was a bad boy to respond like this but it was an attempt that I'll 
probably not repeat.

 This message sent to you from the desk of
  Yerachmiel Bruchya haLevi Altman's computer.

The contents of this message have never been read, none-the-less
checked for validity, truth or political correctness.

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