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Re: [IP] Diabetes-attention getter??

At 07:56 AM 10/14/1999  Natalie A. Sera wrote:
>Sometimes people who don't have health problems truly don't understand
>health problems. If a person LOOKS normal, then they think that person
>is a hypochondriac.
>These people seem capable of understanding only what they can see: they
>can acknowledge that a blind person or a wheelchair person needs special
>devices to function in life, but when someone looks OK, but merely SAYS
>he needs to do certain things to stay healthy, or SAYS he doesn't feel
>well, they just can't make the connection.

A lot of people cannot get past their own ignorance either. Since they 
believe that insulin "cures" diabetes, they just can't understand what the 
big deal is. I don't think people with diabetes will get more respect (and 
funding) until a massive education campaign to enlighten the ignorant takes 
place. I wish there was a way to have them live as a diabetic for a week... 
they'd change their tune real fast.


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