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Re: [IP] Testing in Public

In a message dated 10/14/99 2:42:11 PM US Eastern Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< The real question is, how have you played a role in getting things changed 
 for all diabetics? >>

Well, I'll be doing that by publishing a special section on diabetes in the 
bi-weekly publication I edit. It will contain basic information and will 
include reading lists and Web links to go to for more extensive information. 
(Yes, I'm including the IP list. OK, Michael?) We will give copies of the 
section to clinics and doctors' offices, etc., as well. (I must say I have a 
*wonderful* publisher!) This will help get some information out to the 
general public, who may otherwise have no idea what's available. I know I 
didn't when first DX'd.

I've gotten some pretty well-known people in town to, basically, come out of 
the closet about their DM and be interviewed for the section.

Oh, and just to tell you what a wonderful list this is, another reporter I 
met on here even wrote a fantastic article for the section. :-)

I'm working with a local hospital on a media campaign that's at least a month 
long and possibly a year long. 

I've also "subjected" myself to TV, radio and newspaper interviews about the 
importance of DM education and tight control. Which, in one case, led to a 
somewhat embarrassing moment: As I tend to stress down, I "sugared up" a bit 
prior to the interview -- and tested at 215. On camera. Which was used as an 
example of what *not* to do! LOL

I also test in public and educate when people ask me what I'm doing and why.

Jan (and Elvis)
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