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[IP] ADA funding

  Hi there! As long as we are talking about SPEAKING UP,
here goes!
  I have been volunteering for over a year at my local
ADA office. I do NOT see any gross misuse of funding,
plus, I have access to yearly reports, the new things
that are being researched, as well as what advocacy
stuff is happening, etc. My understanding is that when
JDF started, it was started with the primary goal of
fundraising for research! The ADA has more than one
goal.In 1998, they allocated $15.5 million dollars to
research awards and grants. More than 80% of the
contributions went directly to support 6 nationwide
research awards and grants programs:
 including the treatment of people with diabetes and its
complications, encourages investigators from other
to apply their expertise to diabetes, diabetic
retinopathy research, medical scholars programs, etc.
There are programs specifically for African-Americans,
for Native Americans,  new program for Hispanic-
Americans, etc. 

   The mission is to help prevent and cure diabetes and
improve the lives of all people affected by diabetes. 
 There are health fairs in churches, school walks to
teach children about diabetes, health fairs all over,
where we pass out information for known diabetics, as
well as family and friends of diabetics, and for those
who are curious about the disease. Too many people do
not even know they have the disease til their
complications are under way! WE want to locate these,
with our American Diabetes Alert campaign,etc.Advocacy
abd Public awareness, as well as information  are areas
where the ADA is extremely active! It is the ADA that
has camps for the children who are diabetic, some the
funds also  go there!
  To shorten this, let me say that BOTH organizations
are working together for the GOOD of the diabetic
community, neither is out there just to have jobs! If
THAT is the case, in either organization, the offenders
need to be weeded out!!
  I support both, though in different ways. So please,
I'm sorry what happened in the past, whatever was said
then, I don't see it happening now. Our executive
director does NOT wear the most expensive clothes
around, though she does dress like an administrator! She
is constanly busy, working in all kinds of outreaches,
coordinating with businesses, hospitals, the public,
 She  will always take any phone calls that come in,
 By the way, Nicole Johnson is on the board of the ADA
now. I think, though am not sure, that she also is doing
things with the JDF, as well. Would Miss America support
the organizations if they were just taking people's
money? I don't think so.
 FYI, the ADA has yearly meetings educating professional
people concerning the latest reasearchand developments,
as well as communicating with them throughout the year!

  Let's all quit fighting each other, and start SPEAKING
UP for a cure, and help others learn more about this
quality of life- stealing disease!! OK?
  Barb Guillory
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