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At 11:39 AM 10/14/99 -0800, you wrote:
>John Bowen and Nancy Morgan wrote:
>> We rarely have a day without a 200+ sugar, despite diligent carb counting.
>OK, here's something that I struggle with:
>Are you talking about fasting or before meals ONLY, or do >those 200+ BGs
come AFTER meals?
>If they're after meals, and they come down by the next meal, >are they
doing damage?
>I rarely have a day without going into the mid-200s at some >point, too,
but I've had medical professionals assure me >that it doesn't matter as
long as it comes down by the next   >meal -- but I'm still not sure about
>What do you think? 
> Natalie A. Sera

The DCCT did not make a distinction of when high BG's did and did not cause
circulatory system damage.  I am of the opinion that readings outside the
normal range are undesirable before or after a meal.  Makes no difference.
The problem has been (in the past) that there was simply no way some
diabetics could achieve control over their BG immediately after eating.
The oral medications only stimulated a failing system and insulin was given
once or twice a day.  

Now we have Humalog and we have the pump.  I believe that those doctors who
say that high readings after eating is OK are ignoring what can be done.
Perhaps because they care to look no further than what they already know. 
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