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[IP] Re: First day on the pump -- great!

> My first advise for all new married pumpers is not to use 
>your pump as a head thumping device on your spouse to stop them from 

hee hee! But what if the spouse doing the snoring IS the pump wearer?
Actually, I would never think of using such an expensive item, when a
cheap book is just as handy :) (JUST KIDDING ALL!!!). Usually a small
poke is sufficient to make him roll over, but I have discovered that
continued snoring often means he needs to check his BG. weird.
Now, on a completely unrelated note, my brother (non-diabetic) actually
head-butted his wife one night when he was having a strange dream.  This
happened several months ago and he is still paying for that one!

Shane doesn't get to start until Nov 5, but I sure hope it goes as well
as your day did! After 26 years of morning injections, he too is looking
forward to starting a day without one.  I have never worried about him
forgetting an injection, but now I worry that after 26 years the habit
is so strong that he might forget NOT to do it. Maybe we will have to
hide all the syringes the night before or something.

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