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Re: [IP] First day on the pump -- great!

First of all, congratulations on both your wedding anniversary and starting 
on your pump!  My first advise for all new married pumpers is not to use 
your pump as a head thumping device on your spouse to stop them from 
snoring.  My response to such an action preformed on my self via my wife, 
is not worrying about my head but the fact that a super expensive, 
breakable little box just landed upon a hard object (my head).

>By 4:00, was heading home.  Stopped for coffee and decided to check bg
>again.  39.  Whew.  Drank milk, brought it up to 70.  Checked every hour and
>stuck right at 70.


Is it any wonder why the BG monitor companies love us so much ;)  You 
should see them go after my wife (in a professional sense!).  She is a reps 
dream: a pump user, diabetic for upteen years, RN/CDE and a pump trainer.

Jeff Fisher
email @ redacted
email @ redacted
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