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Re: [IP] flying and pump removal

Nancy, I don't think there is enough of a pressure fall in a pressurized
airplane to cause any problem.  Normally they don't pressurize to sea
level, but there is rarely more than a 12 - 15% pressure drop in a
pressurized cabin.  And this would only enlarge existing bubbles by about
the same amount.  If you had to disconnect each time you flew in an
airplane, then you'd also have to disconnect every time you went to visit
Denver, where the barometric pressure is less than in most pressurized

<<<<<So, whaddy'all think?  Is Michael being very conservative about having
disconnect before flying because of bubbles?  Jenna has never disconnected
before flying, and we've never had pump problems before/after airline
travel.  Have any of you more frequent flyers seen problems with bubbles (or
other things) during airline flights?

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