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Re: [IP] Testing in Public

Do you think that by making a scene that would get the attention that we 
would want?  What we really need is to lobby congress with more aggression 
but offer the community more quite ways of letting them know what we are 
all about.  Case in point, this weekend, we will be holding a Diabetic Care 
Fair open to the public.  It has been advertised, with no charge, by many 
radio stations and TV stations.  Tuesday, we are having a insulin pump 
support group meeting.  A month ago, we were raising money with a JDF walk 
while wearing our Pumpers T-Shirts.   Other things that we can do are hold 
more fund raisers to get more people involved in coming up with a cure and 
care for those who need it.  Both the JDF and ADA are actively lobbying 
Congress for more funds.  Miss America has been a very positive role model 
for diabetics and pump users. I have worked with both the ADA and the JDF 
on many different fund raisers that garnered a lot of good publicity for 
our cause. This is what gets things done, not embarrassing those around 
you.  Yes, we do need to be more vocal but IMO, it is best to use that 
voice to teach others what we are all about in a non offensive way and help 
as many people as possible along the way.

The real question is, how have you played a role in getting things changed 
for all diabetics?

At 12:21 PM 10/14/99 -0400, you wrote:
>I agree with you that Diabetics and loved one's need to be more vocal, we
>have been much too polite for years and things have moved too slow!
>Pat Marino

Jeff Fisher
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email @ redacted
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