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[IP] First day on the pump -- great!

Details follow -- blow by it if you're not interested.

Day started with some excitement -- it's my 10th wedding anniversary.  Took
only a humolog injection to cover breakfast, and started out to the
hospital -- about an hour away.

Stopped for lunch and had a 41 bg.  Ate lunch and popped some humolog to
cover.  Met the MM trainer and began the training.

This guy was good.  He walked through all the important screens and let me,
my docs, my wife and daughter punch the buttons.  He addressed any concerns
we had (few) and demonstrated the pump features well.  We took a break after
about an hour and a half.

I checked my bg again:  415!  In front of God, the MM trainer, my doc, and
everybody.  Took another injection.  Hooked up to the pump in another hour
and a half or so after trying some practice injections with the sof-set.
This was about 3:00 now.

By 4:00, was heading home.  Stopped for coffee and decided to check bg
again.  39.  Whew.  Drank milk, brought it up to 70.  Checked every hour and
stuck right at 70.  Ate a little hourly (like 15 g fruit) and brough it up
to 92 before bed.  Woke at 3 am and measured 140.  Woke at 7 and measured
90.  Remained 90 right up until lunchtime  -- that's NEVER happened in 29
years of diabetes.  Right after lunch -- 240.  Down to 170 within an hour.
Hovering around 100 now.  Life is good.

I'm thrilled!  This morning was the first morning in 29 years I haven't
taken an injection.  Site's giving me no troubles, and one of my major
worries -- skin prep, is no big deal.  Yesterday, used an alcohol pad to
clean the skin.  Trainer said normally to make the changes after getting out
of the shower, so you don't even have to do that!  I am already completely
unaware of the clicking unless I'm looking for it.

It's nice to finally join y'all!

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