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RE: [IP] Diabetes-attention getter??

I hope I did this right. I've never posted before. My apologies if I've "done 
it wrong."

I remember being in gym class in the early 70's, I think I was in second 
grade, and a boy in my class made fun of me because I wasn't participating. 
He told me that I was faking an insulin reaction so I could "get out" of gym. 
I was sucking on my Lifesavers and just thinking how much that hurt. (We all 
know how emotional you get ANYWAY when you're having a reaction.) 
Don't let it bother you, Jamie. You do what you have to do to stay healthy. 
People like that are ignorant and God help them someday if their health is 
threatened in any way. They will probably think back and remember the hurtful 
things they've said and wish they could "take it back."
Another comment on your post: Trying to get attention: I think a good 
response could be: "Do you really think I ENJOY poking myself umpteen times a 
day? Believe me I could think of a lot of other things I'd rather be doing."  
Let's see . . .almost anything except giving blood!   ;o)
Have a good one,
Soon-to-be-a-pumper (Hopefully!!)
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