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Re: Subject: [IP] flying and pump removal

> So, whaddy'all think?  Is Michael being very conservative about
> having Lilly disconnect before flying because of bubbles?  Jenna has
> never disconnected before flying, and we've never had pump problems
> before/after airline travel.  Have any of you more frequent flyers
> seen problems with bubbles (or other things) during airline flights?

The question is not so much ordinary changes in cabin pressure which 
go from sea level (or whatever at starting) to around 8000 ft. If you 
had a big bubble, this could be annoying since you might get a half 
unit or more of unwanted insulin and then miss that amount later when 
the plane came down. The problem would be a real bummer if you 
happend to encounter an explosive decompression brought about by 
structural failure such as loss of a cargo door, window, or failure 
of the pressurization system. Granted, this is rare, but does happen 
occasionally (Hawawaiian Air). Since you get high from sitting 
anyway, disconnecting is no big deal, and YES, I probably am being 
very conservative.

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