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Re: [IP] Worried about low b/g.....

> Ok this isn't necessarily pump related but i needed the expert
> advice from this site! I just heard this morning on Good Morning
> America, it profiled a 10yr old type 1 girl, and her mother made the
> comment that Low blood sugar kills brain cells!  Now this is only
> the 2nd time i've heard it, and i've not heard it from our endo. 
> Has anyone heard this before and do they feel it to be true?????? 
> Worried as usual!

Take a look at Medline on the "other search engine links" on the 
search page. You can find all sorts of studies on this sort of thing. 

Repeated lows can cause brain impairment. Whether or not it is 
permanent is debated and difficult to establish in terms of 
precise damage. There are some profound short term effects that some 
of the list members have experienced, including loss of memory, 
paralysis, etc... but these usually go away quickly. These things are 
generally the EXCEPTION rather than the rule. Relax!

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