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>What my wife now does is check her sugar at the table but still being 
>considerate of those around her that she is not aware of how they will 
>handle the site of blood.  Easy to do with the meters that are out today 
>and easy to give herself a bolus as the meal is arriving. 

This is similar to what Shane does. My father is one of those people who
passes out if you even MENTION needles or blood. So Shane used to leave
the room to test when we went out with them.  But over the past 7 years,
as my dad gradually got used to the idea, Shane now stays at the table
to test. If we are eating with people other than family he usually keeps
the meter in his lap.  With todays meters, I think that people at other
tables generally don't even notice what's going on because he doesn't
make a big deal about it.  Even if others can tell whats happening, they
can't see any lancets or blood. He does still leave to do a shot tho
because he is a fanatic about wiping the area with alcohol, which
involves untucking his shirt and retucking which he can't do sitting
down. (the pump will make this even easier!) 
When we first started dating I was like my dad too. But now I have no
problems with any of it, even watching him do injections doesn't bother
me. I think I could probably even give him the injection ok. I KNOW I
could give a glucogon injection. So I'm glad he wasn't secretive about
it, because someday it could save his life.
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