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RE:[IP] night time numbers

OK, Looking at the first night that you describe...  The 285 number looks
like it is just what one would expect.  Assuming that the insulin works for
4 hrs.

Here is how I would calculate it.  From 11:30 to 1:00 is 1.5 hrs and 4 units
for 4 hrs means  that 1.5U has been used.  Your drop is 342-180=162pts/4U
or 40pts/1U  then 1.5Ux40pts/1U=60pt drop expected in 1.5 hrs.  You had
342-285=57pt drop, which is perfectly what you would expect.

Your final number was only about 40 pts lower than what you shot for.  That
may or may not need a basal adjustment, (you need to check it)

Now, I am rather new to this.  Does anyone else see anything wrong with what
I have said?

Curtis Lomax

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