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[IP] Dissension in pump land

Went to Liz's support group this past week and got an earful. Briefly:
One parent was going on about how the pump causes nothing but problems (
yada yada) based on the 3rd hand information she heard. With only 3 current
pumpers and 1 former pumper in attendance (in the process of starting a
pump support group) I had to jump in and tell the group that yes, there are
some frustrations with the pump, but diabetes is a frustrating condition
and the problems can be worked out. There's a lot of people who share their
solutions on this list. 
Also found out that the girl who started pumping with Liz gave up on the
pump 5 weeks ago. Her mom is very concerned cuz her sugars have been in the
200-300+ range since she went back on MDI and the nasty moods have
returned. The girl is very athletic and the sofsets were causing a lot of
discomfort. Told the mom about the ip list and suggested they try the Sils.
(Our MM rep showed Liz how to insert them after she started having the same
With all the negativity re: pumping at that meeting there was one bright
spot....one of the pumpers was only 4y/o!
Now that I've vented my frustrations I just want to thank all the people
who have made this list available to us as well as thank all of the
individuals who have taken the time to share their solutions to problems
they have encountered. Without you Liz would be a former pumper too!

Linda V.
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