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[IP] water and last 3 day number

Don't think Ellen meant this as a competition.  I asked recently what
everyone % of in target range is and how it had changed since
pumping(but no one replied).  Alex's in range bg(70-180) pre-pump was
roughly 36%, since pump start 2.5 mths ago this has increased to over
50% in range(70-180) and around 90%(70-300).  We are still tweaking
basals but my reason for wanting to know these figures(especially from
parents) was to find out if we were doing a good job, if we should be
doing better by now, and if so what we needed to do to get better
numbers.  Yesterday Alex was 187 lunch(11:30)
59  1:50(bolused a little too much)
121 2:05
64  3:30
135 5:30

don't understand why he went low again after school because it was rainy
and they did not even go out for recess and no PE that day.

mother of Alex(10) pumping 2.5mths

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