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Re: [IP] Testing in Public

Hi Ellen,

I'm one of those parents of a child with IDD.  Lauren (age 8) started pumping 
in June and she's not at all embarrassed to test her blood sugar wherever she 
needs to.  Before pumping we used an insulin pen and she would inject herself 
discreetly in public.  We weren't taking her to the bathroom as if she had a 
disease to hide and be ashamed of.  I don't think most people around us even 
notice what she's doing.  Consequently, I believe, Lauren doesn't mind doing 
what she needs to to take good care of herself. 

She's in third grade this year and does all her blood tests right at her desk 
in her classroom.  Her teacher had Lauren do a demonstration of her meter and 
pump on the first day of school.  Her classmates will grow up with more 
awareness of this disease than the majority of my peers.  I'm sure I went to 
school with classmates who had IDD, but I couldn't name even one going all 
the way from elementary through college.  

We'll stay "out in view" educating and encouraging.  I've found that 
answering questions honestly and with sensitivity to who is asking has been a 
great way to influence others opinions.  In the meantime, we're working to 
achieve our goal of a cure for Lauren.  It's great to know that there are 
people like you "out there" too!

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