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Megan, no need to feel sorry at all.  The silent majority of diabetics also
feels that discretion is the bettor part of valor.  There's surely no
longer any need to test BG in the bathroom, but there is also no need to
test in someone's face.  Respect for others is the only way to go.  I check
my BGs everywhere, but do it in such a way that no one knows what the hell
I'm doing.  They may wonder what I'm playing with in my lap :-), but
they'll not be exposed to my blood.   Not only is exposure to other's blood
dangerous (would you want to be sitting next to a testing diabetic with
AIDS?) and often illegal, some people do have subconscious reactions to
seeing blood that include fainting (my sister) and vomiting.   You won't
convince those who haven't yet truly accepted their diabetes, recognizing
that conventional social behavior and customs are as important as personal
needs, but you should feel comfortable and proud of how you feel.

<I'm sorry for expressing how I felt about taking shots and testing at
<restaurants. Now I am getting bashed by many telling me that I am wrong. I am
<sorry that I feel another way.  I am just coming from before I was diabetic
<and hated to see blood and shots and would feel faint when I saw it. It was
<just trying to tell you how I felt about respect for other.

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