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Hello from Florida!!
I started pumping on October 1st and I was amazed to know that
we can have, for example, 3 carbo-ratios, and 6 basal rates. I have
tested my blood sugar eight to ten times a day and I am interested
to know more about, mainly, the basal rates. How are you folks
doing about that? My basal until now profile is:

12:00AM to 03:00AM => 0.7 u/h
03:00AM to 06:00AM => 0.6 u/h
06:00AM to 11:30AM => 0.7 u/h
11:30AM to 06:00PM => 0.6 u/h
06:00AM to 10:30PM => 0.5 u/h
10:30PM to 12:00PM => 0.7 u/h

It means 15 u/day through the basal injection. My needs are normally
around 28 u/day - could be 26, or 32, or 30. So my basal injection is
around half of my daily needs.

My carbo ratios are:

Breakfast => 1:11
Lunch       =>  1:10
Dinner      =>  1:12

I am improving my features' settlement through the constant blood sugar
test, eith to ten times a day. I am 32 yo and married.

How about you guys? Would you like to share these kinda data with us?

email @ redacted 

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